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Hiring process

The Helper application process


The process will begin from the first day you visit our office, we will first understand your requirement and filter the correct helper to your requirement, we would then arrange interview either in person for local candidate or via the internet for oversea candidate, in some cases we can arrange home visit for local candidate to ensure both the employer and helper have good communication before the contract is signed.


The second stage of the process will kick off with The Helper agency assisting with the paper work both with the respective consulate and HKSAR immigration, after the visa is approved we would then arrange a medical check up for the helper at a designated laboratory with detailed report provided to the employer.


Once the above stages is completed, we would confirm a day for on board and arrange a briefing session for the helper and the family. We finally confirm a date to pick up the helper from our office, the fastest application we have seen is around 4 weeks, therefore please set an expectation when the helper can be on board.