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Reminders for the helper,


  1. You should produce receipts for all relevant expenses incurred in preparing the documents to facilitate reimbursement of costs of documentation by your employer.
  2. You ought to ask your employer to explain your duties and get a clear idea of what your employer expects of you.
  3. You shall perform domestic duties as specified in the “Schedule of Accommodation and Domestic Duties” of your employment contract.
  4. You should keep your own personal identification documents (e.g. identity card, passport, etc.)  No other person, including your employer or staff of the employment agency, should keep these documents for you without your consent.
  5. You should work and reside in your employer’s residence.  Your employer is required to provide you with free accommodation.
  6. You should check the amount paid to you by the employer.  If correct, you should acknowledge receipt of the amount on the receipt prepared by your employer.
  7. You should never acknowledge receipt of wages that you were not paid regarding the minimum allowable wage (MAW) HKD 4,110 per month.
  8. You cannot take up part-time employment with your employer’s consent.
  9. You cannot work for another person or take up non-domestic duties.
  10. You are entitled to have rest days, statutory holidays, and paid annual leave.
  11. You should not perform duties on your rest days. However, you may work voluntarily on your rest days.
  12. You are entitled to sickness allowance if you have accumulated sufficient number of paid sickness days; when the sick leave taken is not less than 4 consecutive days; and the sick leave is supported by an appropriate medical certificate.
  13. You are provided free passage, usually an air ticket covering airport tax for your to return to your place of origin, and a daily food and travelling allowance of HKD 100 per day upon termination or expiry of the contract.
  14. You shall take the paid annual leave if you are entitled within the following 12 months at a time appointed by the employer after consultation with you.  It is confirmed by a written notice to you at least 14 days in advance.