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Holidays for helpers 2018

All foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong, the holidays are followed with the statutory holidays. 

2018 Hong Kong statutory holidays are as follows:

The first day of January (1 January)

Lunar New Year’s Day (16 February)

The second day of Lunar New Year (17 February)

The fourth day of Lunar New Year (19 February)

Ching Ming Festival (5 April)

Labour Day (1 May)

Tuen Ng Festival (18 June)

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day (1 July)

The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (25 September)

National Day (1 October)

Chung Yeung Festival (17 October)

Chinese Winter Solstice Festival (22 December)
Christmas Day (25 December)
(at the option of the employer)

Foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong are entitled to the above 12 statutory holidays.  If the statutory holiday meets your employee’s rest day, the day after the rest day will be the holiday.